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A sophisticated desktop platform tailored for professionals and active traders, providing a wealth of comprehensive market data, in-depth research, and advanced tools to enhance trading strategies and decision-making.

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Cloud based software

Market-Q offers unparalleled ease of use and provides seamless global access. With intuitive interfaces and robust features, our platform ensures effortless navigation and accessibility. 

Users can access workspaces from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, allowing for greater flexibility and remote work capabilities.



Future corporate action events
Calendar of Events

Corporate actions historical and upcoming.

Constituent company breakout
Constituents Lookup

Symbol membership by sector, industry, index and mutual fund

Fundamental profiles

Corporate profile, Consensus Estimates, financial and market insight and stats

Real-Time Data

Market-Q integrates real time data from over 450 sources and exchanges worldwide, covering in excess of 5 million instruments. Market-Q has complete coverage of the U.S. domestic marketplace, as well as extensive international coverage including markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, South America, and Africa.

Market-Q Delivers

A superior desktop experience to the financial professional. Aggressive pricing and the commitment to first class product delivery and support, make Market-Q an attractive data desktop. We invite you to contact us for trials and more product info.

Excel Support

Enhance your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet by seamlessly integrating Market-Q analysis capabilities and real-time quotes. Access live quotes across various fields and instruments through a simple real-time request mechanism, leveraging the power of Real-Time Data (RTD). Explore sample worksheets provided for easy reference and implementation


Wealth Advisor 

Tear sheets 
Portfolio worksheets
Monitor client positions and valuation
Normalize currency for investments and global markets
Delayed US, Canadian and Global equities data included free


Tick, Intraday, daily, weekly, monthly
quarterly,  and yearly over 50+ years of historically data
Option and mutual fund charting
Chart expression data

Technical Studies

Over 100 + indicators
Alerts on Studies
Advance charting 
Expression charts
Price alerts on charts

Canadian specific 

ETF fund profiles
Canadian Mutual fund profiles
Real-time Net House and block summaries
Canadian ATS data
Waterfall tickers
Buyer and seller ID's


HotList scanning 
VWAP Calculators
Option calculators
Strip Calculators
Option analytics fields

Market Depth

Level 2 available on
North American and global markets
Level 2 on Canadian ATS
Level 2 on commodities


Dow Jones
Dow Jones News Plus
Market news publishing
and more

More features

Option Chains
Quote tickers
New tickers
Previous trades
Alerts on quotes , news and charts
Corporate actions, US bond and Canadian bond data
Real-time FX


Global data
Fully redundant networks
Mobile and Pad access included
PC or Mac compatible
Access your workspace anywhere

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Competitive Pricing

Get market data solutions that won't break the bank.

First-Class Support

Experience top-notch customer support every step of the way.

Customer satisfaction

On average, clients have been utilizing our services for over a decade

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