Developing financial market applications can often be complex, time-consuming, and costly. However, with the PPSS API, integrating data into your web application, webpage, or desktop application becomes quick and effortless. Our API empowers you to seamlessly incorporate financial data, streamlining the development process and enhancing the functionality of your applications.

Webquotes API Diagram

How does PPSS Work?

PcQuote Pricing Source Service uses the standard “XML Web Service” technology to expose quotes retrieval functionality to the web. The Web Service receives requests from a consumer Web Application, retrieves the market data from PC Quote Canada’s Quotes servers and returns the data to the Client’s Web application that sent the request.

A “Web Service” is an application accessible by standard web protocols, specifically SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). 


With PC Quote Pricing Source Service, you will have access to market data quotes, chart data, and fundamental information. PPSS allows for rapid application development via simple user-friendly query-response XML calls. In principle, anyone who can browse the web can see and use PPSS. 

Worry Free Maintenance

The data will be seamlessly delivered to your site through our quote and web service farms, so our servers handle the market data traffic, not yours.
Integrated seamlessly with leading portfolio management systems.

Getting Started

PcQuote Pricing Source Service works on any platform and requires an Internet Connection. Implementing PPSS requires moderate development capabilities.

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